So Often I get asked what SharePoint is so here is a short but informative Description of What SharePoint is and how it’s used.

Working with Microsoft SharePoint provides a single, integrated location where employees can efficiently collaborate with team members, find organisational resources and search for experts and corporate information. It allows for content management and workflow, and leverages business insight to make better informed decisions.

As companies grow so does the amount of their information. It can soon become difficult to keep track of the numerous documents and their locations. SharePoint overcomes this by allowing you to store and locate your files in a central site. Files can then be located through company-wide searches of your SharePoint Enterprise portal.

Sharing work files through e-mail is a cumbersome process. SharePoint eliminates this by allowing files to be stored in one location, allowing easy access to all team members. Many organisations today operate from multiple sites, whether it is in different countries, office locations, separate departments or from a home office. SharePoint enables teams and individuals to connect and collaborate together regardless of where they are located.

It can be difficult and time consuming to create and maintain web sites for all of these different requirements. However, SharePoint provides tools allowing site development to be quicker to build and easier to maintain than a normal web site. SharePoint allows anyone to create sites for use within their company’s intranet, as they are needed; whether they are departmental sites, document libraries, meetings sites, survey sites or discussion boards.

SharePoint draws on the information workers, to define the process and governance required for information in SharePoint to be used correctly as a collaborative source. Without this structure in place, SharePoint has no groundwork to enforce or communication processes that sites rely on to be used effectively.

Hope you find this useful, SharePoint is a massive Product and it can be configured to be anything you want it to be Its neither Restricted or Restrictive all I needs is a bit of time and patience and it can be anything you need it to be.