One of the biggest question or rather concerns we hear from clients is about going to Office 365 and its Security and Compliance Concerns. This doesnt just effect your SharePoint and Office 365 Implementation it affects everything we now see and do in the world of IT.

So we are now happy to offer Cyber Security Training and Consultancy delivered by HS and TC. You will now find below some information from them about there Services and Offerings as one of the leaders in Cyber Security Education and Consultancy.



About HS and TC

It is a common known fact that technology doesn't press the key on the keyboard, it is the human user or operator that does. Any business's staff are the key to any secure operations and, here at Harwood Security and Training Consultancy (HS and TC), it is our mission to help you understand what your level of exposure to behavioural risk is and what learning measures (awareness, training or education) you can put into place to help mitigate this risk"

Additionally, our experts can help you assess the level of competency in your workforce and identify any skills gaps. Working as an integral part of your business, a Capability Improvement Plan (CIP) can be developed and implemented that will fit your schedule and work seamlessly with your business goals.

Why Choose HS and TC?

HS and TC was established in 2013 with the main objective of providing high-quality and cutting edge professional services and will leverage known existing and cutting edge research and other industry expertise to include a more comprehensive awareness/training suite to be usable by all industries. We also bring a unique blend of benefits to any project based on an Industry Security Awareness Maturity Model that Tim Harwood co-developed.

Our highly qualified team share a common purpose in our passionate approach for information security and our IS and Risk Management services include:

- Our approach to Security Awareness: Rather than focusing on emerging trends, vendor recommendations, product comparisons, etc HS and TC’s approach is based on an industry awareness maturity model and focuses on the Behavioural Risk from the people, skills and management.

- Independence and objectivity: Working with a completely technology and vendor neutral consultancy will ensure that the advice and deliverables provided are wholly based on the best interests of the client and their partners without undue influence form the outside.

For more information be sure to head over to there website and contact them directly.