Why Choose This Course?


Want to be a SharePoint Master?

Our 5 Day SharePoint Site Admin Course will show you everything from End User, Power User, Site Owner and Site Collection Administrator Skills from our other course we have to offer. This is our largest course with the most activities giving users 5 days of hands on experience with SharePoint but also some of the other Office 365 tools along the way. We can also spend more time on the theory and provide your users with the confidence needed to understand the technology hopefully converting them into a SharePoint "Master".


Knowledge is Power

When it comes to using SharePoint Knowledge is certainly Power, whether you’re a general end user or an IT Manager the more you know about the technology the better prepared you can be for a new SharePoint implementation, rolling out new features and creating new solutions. Using SharePoint has never been easier, but it still requires a certain knowledge to put it all together but to make decision about whether to use Classic or Modern SharePoint, InfoPath or Microsoft Forms, SharePoint Designer Workflow or Microsoft Flow only comes with experience and knowledge. This course will give any user the information they need to make the key business decisions for any type of SharePoint and office 365 rollout.


Site & Information Architecture

Sites, Subsites, Lists, Libraries, Columns,Content Types, Workflow, Pages, Policies, Permissions, App Parts, Web Parts, Search,Delve, Flow, PowerApps, Forms.... The list can go on and on when it uses SharePoint. Creating the correct Site and Information Architecture is key to the success of every SharePoint Rollout and within the duration of this course you will get a real grasp of what is needed and will also aid you when it comes to requirement gathering as you will know the correct question to ask to divisional leaders and or departments.

Further Course Information

Audience : This course covers all aspects of SharePoint Sites using Office 365 from End User, Power User and Site Collection Administrators.

Duration : 5 Days

Course Description : This course covers all areas of SharePoint including the modules from the End User training course, Power User training course and the Site Collection Administrator training course. The course is instructor lead which will be delivered onsite using your own SharePoint system or using Standsure Technologies training environment so the delegates get the most from their training with a more hands on experience. This course shows you how to configure and tailor SharePoint to your need whilst using out of the box techniques and best practices. You will be guided through Office 365 features including Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Flow, Modern Lists and Libraries, Modern Site Pages and more to give you a good understanding of the basics to get going with your SharePoint and Office 365 implementation to your business.

Topics covered during the course:

Module 1 – Introduction to SharePoint for Admins
Topic A – What is SharePoint & Office365?
Topic B – SharePoint Versions and Licenses
Topic C – Connecting and Navigating
Topic D – Key Areas and SharePoint Terminology
Topic E – SharePoint Planning and Strategy Overview

Module 2 – Sites, Subsites and Architecture
Topic A – Basic SharePoint Architecture
Topic B – How to Create a Team Site
Topic C – How to Create a Blog
Topic D – How to Create a Community Site
Topic E – Navigation
Topic F – Change the Look of SharePoint Sites
Topic G – Adding a Logo
Topic H – Manage Site Regional Settings
Topic I – Managing Site Features

Module 3 – Using Library Apps
Topic A – Create a Document Library
Topic B – Uploading Documents
Topic C – Creating New Documents
Topic D – Document Properties
Topic E – Editing Documents
Topic F – Document Versioning
Topic G – Check-in and Check-out
Topic H – Content Approval
Topic I – Document Content Types
Topic J – Document Sets
Topic K – Deleting Documents and Recovery
Topic L – Create and use a Picture Library

Module 4 – Using List Apps
Topic A – Create and Use the Calendar List App
Topic B – Create and Use the Task List App
Topic C – Create and Use the Discussion Board List App
Topic D – Create and use the Announcement List App
Topic E – Create and use Promoted Links List App
Topic F – Attach a Document to a List Item
Topic G – Import, Export and Sync List Data with Excel
Topic H – Creating and Build a Custom List Apps

Module 5 – Creating and Using Views
Topic A – Changing the View of a List or Library App
Topic B – Creating a Custom View Using Sort
Topic C – Creating a Custom View Using Filters
Topic D – Creating a Custom View Using Group by

Module 6 – Workflows
Topic A – Understanding Workflow
Topic B – Activate Site Collection Workflow Feature
Topic C – Create, Configure and Run the Approval Workflow
Topic D – Create and Configure a Flow for Automation and Processes
Topic E – Managing Workflows

Module 7 - Permissions
Topic A – Understanding SharePoint Permissions
Topic B – Creating a New SharePoint Group
Topic C – Adding Users to a Group
Topic D – Checking User Permissions
Topic E – Manage Site Permissions
Topic F – Managing List and Library Permissions
Topic G – Managing Individual Item and Document Permissions
Topic H – Re-Inheriting Permissions
Topic I – View Existing Permissions Levels
Topic J – Create new Permission Levels

Module 8 – Working with Pages and Web Parts
Topic A – SharePoint Page Types
Topic B – How to Create a New Page
Topic C – How to Edit Existing Pages
Topic D – Changing the Page Layout
Topic E – Adding Text to a Page
Topic F – Adding Images to a Page
Topic G – Adding App Parts to a Page
Topic H – Configuring Web Parts
Topic I – Using the Relevant Document Web Part
Topic J – How to Delete a Web Part from the Page

Module 9 – Templates
Topic A – Creating List Templates
Topic B – How to find your List Template
Topic C – Creating Library Templates
Topic D – Creating Site Templates

Module 10 – Site Collection Policies
Topic A – Site Retention Policies
Topic B – Information Management Policies

Module 11 - Search
Topic A – Understanding Search in SharePoint
Topic B – Crawling Content
Topic C – Using Result Sources
Topic D – Using Query Rules
Topic E – Using the search web parts

Module 12 – Taxonomy and Metadata
Topic A – What is Taxonomy and Folksonomy in SharePoint?
Topic B – Using the Managed Metadata Service
Topic C – Creating a Term Set
Topic D – Using the Managed Metadata Column

Module 13 – SharePoint Branding
Topic A – What is Branding?
Topic B – Collaboration Site Branding
Topic C – Publishing Site Branding

Booking This Course

If you wish to discuss or ask an questions in regards to this course our team can be contacted by emailing info@standsuretechnology.co.uk and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.


Terms and Conditions

*Group booking size may vary based on course difficulty and skill levels of the delegates attending the course. If its deemed that users require more one to one training we can reduce the group size to allow for more questions, answers and technical knowledge.

**Sessions may be recorded however this will be for use of the person(s) on the course only and will not be shared publicly unless otherwise stated prior to course start date.

***Free 30 days support is offered to anyone who books a course and completes the course. This will allow up to a maximum of 15 questions and communicated using email or other suitable means to provide an answer. 30 days starts from the last day of the training course and includes weekends.

  • Standsure Technology has the right to accept and decline any training requests
  • Prices stated on website for any courses and services are a Per Day Rate.
  • Prior to any online course its recommended to check your browser for compatibility issues however a test will be conducted anywhere before 7 days of the course start date
  • Prices above do not include expenses for any onsite training in UK, Ireland and Europe these do vary based upon location of the training.
  • Classroom training sessions will be hosted in the first instance onsite at the location of the booking party, however classroom training can be booked at any location in the UK at an additional cost. Our preferred provider is Regus.
  • All course material is provided electroncially as Word or PDF formats depending on the course selected.

Full terms and conditions will be provided upon course booking or upon request.