This issue may be something you dont care about however with a slight case of SharePoint OCD where i like everything to be clean tidy and looking well presented the fact that SharePoint 2013 now has _layouts/15/start.aspx in the URL on every page. Its something that drove me mad for a while until i understood the reason for this now being part of the URL.

Remove the _layouts/15/start.aspx in SharePoint 2013 URL

You can remove the _layouts/15/start.aspx from the URL in SharePoint 2013 however it means disabling a feature to do so. On the Site or Subsite you wish to remove this from you can do the following however would certainly not advise doing this unless its last resort.

1. Go to Site Settings > Site Features.

2. Deactivate the “Minimal Download Strategy” feature.

What is the Minimal Download Strategy?

There isnt many resources on this but there is one blogger than explains this very clearly and why this information is within the URL.
To find out more go to the following URL and read about it now…
What is the _layouts/15/start.aspx in SharePoint 2013