Nintex Workflows for Office 365 Training Course
Audience : This course is aimed Administrators of SharePoint & Office 365 and is classed as a non-technical course.

Duration : 2 Day

Course Description : This is a 2 day course covering all you need to know about using Nintex Workflows for Office 365. This course will guide you through everything from basic workflows to complex actions and lookups. The Course will also dive into Run Ifs, Parallel Blocks, State Machine, Office 365 User Accounts and Permissions as well as the Provisioning of SharePoint Site and Site Collections.

Further Learning : Upon completion of this course it will help identify training requirements and what course will be required for your business.

Courseware : Courseware will be provided electronically.

Topics covered during the course:
Module 1 – Introduction to Nintex Workflows
Topic A – Introduction to Nintex Workflows
Topic B – Supported Browsers
Topic C – Install and Administration of Nintex Apps
Topic D – Licensing Options
Topic E – Types of Workflows

Module 2 – Getting Started with Nintex Workflows
Topic A – The Basics of Building a Nintex Worklfow
Topic B – Actions
Topic C – Workflow Settings
Topic D – Building a Basic Nintex Workflow

Module 3 – Task Actions and Emails
Topic A – Task Actions
Topic B – Email Actions
Topic C – LazyApproval

Module 4 – List Item Actions
Topic A – Create List Items
Topic B – Create Item in another site
Topic C – Copy Item
Topic D – Update List Item

Module 5 – Permissions and Groups
Topic A – Set Item Permissions
Topic B – Office 365 Add User to Group

Module 6 – Manage Site Actions
Topic A – Create a Subsite Using Nintex
Topic B – Create a Site Collection Using Nintex

Module 7 – Managing Workflows
Topic A – Managing Workflows
Topic B – Manage Workflow Using Nintex

Booking This Course
If you wish to discuss or ask an questions in regards to this course our team can be contacted at and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.