Why Choose This Course?


Who are Site Collection Administrators
We have already got a Site Owners course but what is the difference? Site Owners are responsible for one part of a Site Collection only, and cannot change anything on Site Collection level but due to having full control on one or more subsites, they can grant permissions to users, create lists, create libraries and subsites. However, a Site Collection Administrators can do the same as Site Owners but a lot more which comes with its own risks. Site Collection Administrators cannot be removed from site permissions within any subsite in a site collection and they're able to change settings that apply to the entire Site Collection. This role is commonly assigned to people in the IT but can be given to individuals in the organisation if necessary.


Site and Data Governance

Site Collection Administrators are one of the key roles in your SharePoint Implementation and with over arching permissions to every site and peice of content your Site and Data Governance has never been so important. As we walk through this course delegates will be shown the powers of the Site Collection Adminsitrator and given an insight into the elements of SharePoint they can manage. The likleyhood is that you will only allow 2 or 3 users this access per site collection due to the risk of non compliance and thats why we recommend any user being given this access is trained to a satisfactory level.


Security and Compliance

A topic we cannot avoid and one that’s very well spoken about in the industry is the Security and Compliance of your SharePoint Sites. As a Site Collection Administrator, you will be required to ensure that your Site Collection adheres to company policies and procedures especially around Archiving, Auditing, Security and Disposing of Data. As a site collection administrator, you will be guided through how to use Policies in SharePoint to adhere to these requirements of your organisation.

Futher Course Information

Audience : This course covers all aspects of a SharePoint Site Collection Administrators role within SharePoint Online using Office 365. This role is for experienced SharePoint Users wishing to get that little bit more from of SharePoint using out the box features.

Duration : 2 Days

Course Description : This course in covers all areas of a Site Collection Administrator and the additional features that are given when a user is given this permissions level including Site Collection Architecture, Permissions and Features. The course is instructor lead which will be delivered onsite using your own SharePoint system or using Standsure Technologies training environment so the delegates get the most from their training with a more hands on experience.

Topics covered during the course:

Module 1 – Site Collection Administrator Overview
Topic A – Who is the Site Collection Administrator?
Topic B – SharePoint Site Architecture
Topic C – Creating Site Collections
Topic D – Creating Sites and Subsites
Topic E – Site Collection Administrator Site Settings
Topic F – Site Collection Features

Module 2 – Permissions
Topic A – Site Collection Administrators Role in Permissions
Topic B – Create new Permission Levels
Topic C – Adding Site Collection Administrators

Module 3 – Templates
Topic A – Creating List Templates
Topic B – How to find your List Template
Topic C – Creating Library Templates
Topic D – Creating Site Templates

Module 4 – Site Collection Policies
Topic A – Create Site Retention Policies
Topic B – Document Retention Policies

Module 5 - Search
Topic A – Understanding Search in SharePoint 2013
Topic B – Using Content Sources
Topic C – Using the Query Builder
Topic D – Using Query Rules
Topic E – Using the search web parts

Module 6 – Taxonomy and Metadata
Topic A – What is Taxonomy and Folksonomy in SharePoint?
Topic B – Using the Managed Metadata Service
Topic C – Creating a Term Set
Topic D – Using the Managed Metadata Column
Topic E – Metadata Navigation
Topic F – Using Metadata Navigation

Module 7 – SharePoint Branding
Topic A – What is Branding?
Topic B – Collaboration Site Branding
Topic C – Publishing Site Branding
Topic D – Using SharePoint Design Manager

Booking This Course

If you wish to discuss or ask an questions in regards to this course our team can be contacted by emailing info@standsuretechnology.co.uk and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.


Terms and Conditions

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**Sessions may be recorded however this will be for use of the person(s) on the course only and will not be shared publicly unless otherwise stated prior to course start date.

***Free 30 days support is offered to anyone who books a course and completes the course. This will allow up to a maximum of 15 questions and communicated using email or other suitable means to provide an answer. 30 days starts from the last day of the training course and includes weekends.

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  • All course material is provided electroncially as Word or PDF formats depending on the course selected.

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