Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 Forms and Workflow Masterclass Training Course
Audience : This course is aimed at delegates who wish to learn all there is to know about InfoPath Forms and SharePoint Workflows in one Course. Previous knowledge of SharePoint is advantageous but not required.

Duration : 5 Day

Course Description : This is a five day course covering everything you need to know about integrating InfoPath Forms with SharePoint Server 2016 as well as covering the automation and processes by building SharePoint Workflows using SharePoint Designer Custom Workflows and OTB workflows in the browser. The course is instructor lead which will be delivered onsite using your own SharePoint system or using Standsure Technologies training environment so the delegates get the most from their training with a more hands on experience.

Courseware : Courseware will be provided electronically.

Topics covered during the course:
Module 1 – InfoPath and SharePoint Relationship
Topic A – Using InfoPath In SharePoint
Topic B – SharePoint Form Templates

Module 2 – SharePoint List Forms
Topic A – SharePoint Lists in InfoPath
Topic B – SharePoint Properties in InfoPath
Topic C – Connecting to an Existing SharePoint List
Topic D – Creating a New Form and Publishing to SharePoint List

Module 3 – SharePoint Library Forms
Topic A – Creating and Using Library Forms within a Forms Library
Topic B – Publishing a Form to SharePoint
Topic C – Publishing Properties
Topic D – Submit Options

Module 4 – SharePoint Data Connections
Topic A – What is a Data Connection?
Topic B – Populate Fields from Data Connections
Topic C – Data Source Fields
Topic D – Using SharePoint Connections
Topic E – Querying Data Manually
Topic F – The User Profile Web Service
Topic G – SharePoint Web Part

Module 5 – Advanced Controls
Topic A – Using Advanced Controls
Topic B – Hyperlink Control
Topic C – Choice Groups
Topic D – Repeating Tables
Topic E – Person/Group Picker Control
Topic G – Region Controls

Module 6 – SharePoint Advanced Form Options
Topic A – Forms Templates as Content Types
Topic B – Administrator Approved Templates
Topic C – Document Information Panel

Module 7 – Using SharePoint Designer Workflows
Topic A – Opening SharePoint Designer
Topic B – Understand the Different Types of Workflow
Topic C – Creating a List Workflow
Topic D – Steps, Conditions and Actions
Topic E – Publishing a Workflow
Topic F – Running a Workflow

Module 8 – Workflow Tasks and Initiation Forms
Topic A – Workflow Task Actions
Topic B – The Assign a To-Do Item Task
Topic C – The Collect Data from a User Task
Topic D – The Assign a Form to a Group Task

Module 9 – Data Action Workflows
Topic A – Look Up Data from Other SharePoint Lists
Topic B – Create Items in Other SharePoint Lists
Topic C – Update Data in Other SharePoint Lists
Topic D – Using Calculations in Workflows

Module 10 – Managing Items and Documents using Workflows
Topic A – Check In and Check Out
Topic B – Delete Drafts and Previous Versions
Topic C – Declare and Undeclare a Record

Module 11 – Reusable and Site Workflows
Topic A – Reusable Workflows
Topic B – Globally Reusable Workflows
Topic C – Site Workflows

Module 12 – Using Visio to create SharePoint Workflows
Topic A – How to Enable the Visual Designer
Topic B – How to Create a Flowchart in Visio
Topic C – How to Import from Visio
Topic D – How to Export to Visio

Booking This Course
If you wish to discuss or ask an questions in regards to this course our team can be contacted on 07814495523 or email and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.