Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Site Owner Training Course
Audience : This course is aimed at intermediate users of SharePoint 2013 and is classed as a non-technical course.

Duration : 3 Days

Course Description : This is a three day course covering the more advanced features an End User may require to work with using SharePoint on a day to day basis. The course is instructor lead which will be delivered onsite using your own SharePoint system or using Standsure Technologies training environment so the delegates get the most from their training with a more hands on experience. The training course demonstrates the major processes and functions that Power Users will encounter in the SharePoint 2013 environment but also show how End Users will be using SharePoint by covering the basics of SharePoint.

Courseware : Courseware will be provided electronically.

Topics covered during the course:
Module 1 – SharePoint 2013 Overview
Topic A – SharePoint Overview
Topic B – SharePoint Architecture
Topic C – SharePoint Versions and Licenses

Module 2 – Sites and Architecture
Topic A – Basic SharePoint Architecture
Topic B – How to Create a Team Site
Topic C – How to Create a Blog
Topic D – How to Create a Community Site
Topic E – Manage the Quick Launch Navigation
Topic F – Manage the Top Link Bar Navigation
Topic G – Change the Look SharePoint Sites
Topic H – Adding a Logo
Topic I – Manage Site Regional Settings
Topic J – Managing Site Features

Module 3 – Working with Libraries Apps
Topic A – How to Create a Document Library App
Topic B – How to Configure Document Versioning Settings
Topic C – How to Configure Content Approval
Topic D – Create, Configure and Use a Custom Document Content Type
Topic E – Activate, Configure and Create a Document Set
Topic F – Create and Use a Wiki Library App

Module 4 – Document Libraries
Topic A – Create a Document Library
Topic B – Uploading Single Documents
Topic C – Uploading Multiple Documents
Topic D – Checking-in and Checking-out a Document
Topic E – Edit Documents Properties
Topic F – Edit Document
Topic G – Document Versioning
Topic H – How to Delete a Document
Topic I – How to Retrieve a Document from the Recycle Bin

Module 5 – Using List Apps
Topic A – Create and Use the Calendar List App
Topic B – Create and Use the Task List App
Topic C – Create and Use the Discussion Board List App
Topic D – Create and use the Announcement List App
Topic E – Attach a Document to a List Item
Topic F – Export List Data to Excel

Module 6 – Custom List App
Topic A – Create a Custom List Apps
Topic B – Using Existing Site Columns
Topic C – Create a Choice Column
Topic D – Create a Date and Time Column
Topic E – Create a Lookup Column

Module 7 – Creating Views and Alerts
Topic A – Changing the View of a List or Library App
Topic B – Creating a Custom View Using Sort
Topic C – Creating a Custom View Using Filters
Topic D – Creating a Custom View Using Group by
Topic E – Creating an Alert on a List or Library App
Topic F – Creating an Alert on an Individual Item

Module 8 – Like and Rate Content
Topic A – Configure and Use Likes on a List App
Topic B – Configure and Use Ratings on a Library App

Module 9 – Workflows
Topic A – Understanding Workflow
Topic B – Activate Site Workflows
Topic C – Using the Approval Workflow
Topic D – Using the Collect Feedback Workflow
Topic E – Managing Workflows

Module 10 – Working with Pages
Topic A – How to Edit Pages
Topic B – Changing the Page Layout
Topic C – Adding Text to a Page
Topic D – Adding Images to a Page
Topic E – Adding App Parts to a Page
Topic F – How to Save a Page
Topic G – How to Create a New Page

Module 11 – Web Parts
Topic A – Adding an App Part to a Page
Topic B – Using the Relevant Document Web Part
Topic C – Using the Search Web Parts
Topic D – Using the Filter Web Parts
Topic E – Using InfoPath Form Web Part
Topic F – Creating and Using Web Part Connections
Topic G – Configuring Web Parts
Topic H – How to Move a Web Part on a Page
Topic I – How to Delete a Web Part from the Page

Module 12 – Permissions
Topic A – Understanding SharePoint Permissions
Topic B – Creating a New SharePoint Group
Topic C – Adding Users to a Group
Topic D – Checking User Permissions
Topic E – Manage Site Permissions
Topic F – Managing List and Library Permissions
Topic G – Managing Individual Item and Document Permissions
Topic H – Re-Inheriting Permissions
Topic I – View Existing Permissions Levels

Booking This Course
If you wish to discuss or ask an questions in regards to this course our team can be contacted at and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.